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Mutilated Entrails rot as I disgorge..

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My weekend with BAYB!! [11 Jun 2006|08:08pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Once again i've had an amazing weekend with my beautiful amazing little girlfriend.. We've been together so long.. A little while ago we had a small fallout and we werent doing too good.. But what couple doesnt? I just had 2 1/2 days with her and all i do now is think about her... She gave me the most incredible birthday I could ever ask for.. I turned 22 on May 29th.. I think I might be able to find a away to upload pictures that i've took of us.. I look at them and they bring me up...


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[08 May 2006|08:27pm]
OH YEAH! Almost forgot! Come see us play saturday night at the jumping turtle on May 20th in san marcos.. WE'RE PLAYING WITH CRYPTOPSY and DISGORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be there!!
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HAPPY VALENTINES to mah BAYB!!! [14 Feb 2006|06:17pm]
Well me and my mamasita had our Valentines this weekend and it was good. We went to the BuccaDeBeppo restraunt and ate some yummy pizza! We got eachother things and had our good time in the hotel if ya know what I mean.. hehe .. anywho.. Im not there with her right now.. but I just wanted to say to her through this..
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ATTENSION [03 Feb 2006|09:34pm]
I have an announcement to make... AHEM!!!

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CONDEMNED finally recorded!!!!! [23 Nov 2005|09:38pm]
Well monday the 21st of NOV. We finally went to HobarTrax recording studio and recorded our demo!! Things have been so different since then.. We've gotten alot of amazing feedback and lots of good offers.. I can't stop listening to the recording! I can't get over how good things have been.. we still gotta get the cd packages pressed but its done.. So awesome!! Go checkk it out for yourself and listen. Its posted on our band myspace..

Finally an update! [17 Nov 2005|02:05pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

well here I am supposed to be at work but I didnt feel like going.. Id rather stay here and look for shit to do.. Plus I feel sicky.. The holidays are coming up and theres much shoppin to be done.. I miss my mamasita and I wish i can be with her right now.. I love that little girl so much.. I don't know where my mind would be if I didnt have her.. I've been really worried about these headaches shes been having.. She gets these really bad headaches and its almost as if I can feel them as theyre happening.. They've been going on for years.. So I'm gonna try to take her to a health clinic this weekend.. I dont know how much it will cost. But, its worth a shot... I need them to crack her noggin open and see whats wrong...
Well lately my latest happenings have just been non stop work on the band.. Its going very well. Its awesome having a (finally!!) five peice band with great expectations.. The singer Angel is the best things thats happened for us.. and Chris on the other guitar is working out great.. We're already scheduled for a session really soon for a recording.. We're putting out a demo called Mass Burial.. We got some sick ass shirts made.. And as soon as we put the demo out we'll have better chances for real shows.. well today im gonna change my oil in my car and find some other things to do..

oh btw...

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY DECASTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good weekend!! [30 Aug 2005|12:16am]
One year ago.. in the left pic.. We were at the olive garden in downey on one of our first dates together.. the next pic.. is us again sitting in the same spot at the same olive garden.. Thats right, we had dinner and we both dressed nice.. I surprised her from my back.. a pair of a dozen roses..

She gave me for gifts the new Ren and Stimpy season 3 and a halfish boxset, skeleton PJ pants, a doggy doll, and the Spawn movie DVD!! :) I got her another Appletree doll, victoria secret scents, and MAC makeup... Yes i went inside the store and bought it!! >:( I had a beautiful anniversary with mah babe!! I love her to death... I miss her.. Hopefully the guys and I can go to LA and pick her up and then go to Decrepit Birth there in Hollywood.. fun fun fun!! On a new note, we booted TJ our guy interested in singing for us.. Not workin out, sooooo we got a new guy thats gonna step up named Angel.. Hopefully can fill the slot.. Ok foos, thats all!!
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MY 21ST BIRTHDAY! [31 May 2005|06:19pm]
Its my 21st Birthday and I Sold Out EDGE XXX!! J/k still edge bitches.. hehe but ive had a great Bday with the most amazing people of my life! It was on MAY 29th. I spent the weekend of sat & sun 28th and 29th. On Sat I went to DISNEYLAND!! with my wonderful girlfriend!! and had the most amazing time ever! I had so much fun. Her mom got us our Tickets and we were there from morning to night.. and on Sunday the actual day.. Mah babe took me to eat mexican grub and it was nummy! I had Menudo MMM! She got me soo many things for my BDAY!! <3 She got me a Build-A-Bear and made me a X-RAY bear because Im gonna go to school to become and X-RAY operator.. she got me HALO 2 game in metal case, Hate Eternal CD, Ralph Lauren SILVER cologne that ive been wanting badly!, and she got me a Black tye with ninja turtles stuff on it! I LOVE IT ALL :) Her parents got me a cake and sang Happy Bday to me.. :) it was a good weekend with her... The hardest part was going back home.. :(
AT HOME.. on monday.. My parents decided to have a BBQ and get my a cheese cake.. They got me a few presents.. They got me a spanish Language CD Audio set that I requested so I can learn, my dad got me the HBO Spawn animated series BOXSET and 2 CONAN books to read.. My little sis got me an ANCHORMAN/OLDSCHOOL dvd package, and my older sis LORYANNA bought me 3 pairs of pants. Ive been wanting to get into all these things.. So good gifts from the family! My friends Kim, Paul, Forrest, Chris, and Jimmy. Had me meet up with them at the park by my house.. Only to find another bomb Ass BBQ and a home made Pinata that was a PENTAGRAM that was filled with candy, chocolate pudding cups, and a bottle of Pauls pee.. LOL and i wrecked that shit! It was the best! Forrest hooked my black ass UP this year with presents!!! He got me the NEW DISGORGE cd! *good CD!*, DECAPITATED shirt, HARVEY BIRDMAN attorney at law DVD boxset, $45 dollar gift certificate to guitar center, and chris got me a box of 99c store cars lol. But that sums up one great BIRTHDAY this year.. Thanks to everyone! Especially MAH BABE!! I WUV HER and miss her!!! <3<3<3<3<3
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Halloween bitches!!!! [28 Oct 2004|01:22am]
[ mood | excited ]

well halloween is coming up and im too fuckin excited... i love it! all of it!! We're setting up some of the best shit ever at my house!! Im gonna love it... So yeah... By the way all of you readers.. what are you gonna be?? and explain why? heres a blurry ass pic of what im gonna be... ive been workin on the make up today and it came up pretty decent.. you just gotta excuse the pics cuz theyre from my cell phone cam..

its heeeeaven.. cumming on her chest!!
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let me just anounce.. [18 Jul 2004|12:16am]
[ mood | loved ]


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Condemned to Suffer!!!! [24 Mar 2004|07:19pm]
[ mood | full ]

Well about a few days ago i got my Peavey 5150 in the mail and for now I am borrowing thomass's cab. The thing is hard as hell! I love just sitting in my room practicing while watching tv... Pretty soon we're gonna start practicing.. We got some good shows comin up.. Went to see Hope Con and Please Mr.Gravedigger at che.. Hope Con ripped the roof off the che. It was awesome.. BANE and OxMxDxB is playing soon, and unearth and FUCKIN HATEBREED!!!!!!!!!!! OMG AGH! I cant wait, let the good times roll.. Alright then, take care bye bye then!

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ok here it goes... [16 Mar 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Last nights show at TJ was actually really good.. but TJ is a fucken hassle.. When we got there i stepped on a rock the wrong way and twitched my ankle before buckeling to my knees.. So i screw that up and we start walkin to the voo doo house and almost picked the wrong street to go on. So many people came up to us and offered us drugs.. It was hillarious.. So by the time we got there my ankle was sore all over, but i shook it off.. Show starts and I completely pushed it too hard by dancing... By the time the show was over, I was hurting at a limping point.. We walk to revolution and grab a taxi and take it the border.. Saved us lots of time and walking.. So i wake up this morning thinking by then it would wear off and id be ok to go to work.. I get up to turn off my alarm and I could barely stand on the floor.. I was in a world of pain.. lol. I decided to call off work and use the time to medicate myself.. I almost went to the hospital to see if i tore anything.. But with the time i spent on it im able to carefully walk again.. and im glad im alright..
But i must say.. Seeing life or death was definetly worth the hassle.. They are one of those bands that still hold tremendous values... and are worth any cost.
On another note, today has been boring as FUCK!! Ive been listening to ONE KING DOWN alot. I cant believe how fucken good they were.. Ive been sleeping alot and medicating my ankle all day at my home. I really dont like to be home all day.. It can get really boring sometimes.. mornings at home or horrible.. Unless youre sleeping..
Ok this update is over... GET OUT!!


Payday bitches.. [25 Feb 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | awake ]

It feel so good to be unbroke... So far ive gotten myself..
New Sleeves fo my vinyls
New Strings, Pics, Strap, and Pic holder for my guitar..
Fixed some things on my car that made a big difference..
and finally put a full tank of gas in my car.. its been a while since its had that.. It was actually the most ive ever spent for gas seeing as how the prices are pretty lame nowadays.. There are some good shows coming up too.. BANE, Hope Con, Shattered Realm, and some other shit.. sounds fun, cant wait.. And hopefully i will buy my coachella Tix so i can go see the mo fuckin Cure.. Ok well just a quick post..

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as pure as death [22 Feb 2004|11:57pm]

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blweh.. [22 Feb 2004|12:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The Girl Next Day (Elish Cuthbert is hott)
Got my guitar (B/ U/ T)
Chilled with my homies last night and had fun..

It is raining so hard right now.. Its scary..


woo hoo! [13 Feb 2004|05:29am]
[ mood | confused ]

Well lets some up my wednesday...

+ Woke up and trained guy at work to cover me the whole day
+ Picked up the putos and puta and ate breakfast
+ Went to seaworld and got soaking fuckin went
+ went home to change into dry clothes and got ark merch delivered at the door
+ went back to seaworld and saw my polar bears and seals..
+ bought a polar bear stuffed animal
+ Left seaworld and ate at dao son
+ fucked around at the beach
+ watched chappelle show at migs..

I got really tired during chappelle and left early.. I started that day bright and early to some coffee and having to suit up and drive all freakin day.. but in conclusion the day was a fucken blast... I've already paid off my bills and sent the money order for my guitar with should arrive sometime next week.. Im starting to get kinda low on funds though.. the new gas prices are starting to become very outrages.. hmm THANKS AUNOLD our governor!!!

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This fucken kills me everytime I see it.. [12 Feb 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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si puta [25 Mar 2003|03:48am]
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To: Kim [22 Mar 2003|01:06am]
[ mood | touched ]

I would like to make an apology to my dearest friend kim... This morning we were talking about the protest... I came out with a bogus answer, mainly cause i've been hearing too much from my fathers point of view... Seeing as how he's Pro War... But, i've totally gave it some more thinking.. And it is mos def not a waste of breath or time to go stand against this whole war.. So to clears things up what im trying to say is "Im Sorry." Now i'd really like to end this post with a song in mind.... hehe

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PS2's and war [20 Mar 2003|02:53am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well my plans for today was to go to Toys R Us and get DarkStalkers3 for PS and couldnt find it cause the store is smaller inside now so they have no selections anymore an they didnt have it... But I had $400 bux of grandmas lovin.. So I ended up buying a mutherfuggin Playstation 2, Devil May Cry [not2], and a PS2 memo card... And ive been up all night conquering that game... Im gonna buy Silent Hill 2 next.. I really shouldnt be spending so much money but hey i gotta live too.. So it is official that we are going to war huh? Well like bri always says.. "We're Fucked!! We're all Fucked!!" Couldnt say it any better... Thoughtless actions will end up with countless lives lost cause of one mans strategic thinking... Why send more people out to die if so many of us died on 9-11? Bush seriously can lick my ass... Bill Clinton would of taken care of this and get a BJ!!! Oh well fuk it...

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