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xstrongheartsx's Journal

Mutilated Entrails rot as I disgorge..
29 May

San Diego Brutal Death Metal

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2pac, 80's movies, a clockwork orange, aborted, american history x, american tragedy, anata, angel corpse, animal house, anti-racism, arkangel, armageda, azzaro, bane (deathmetalbane), bc rich, being drug free, björk, bolt thrower, breakfast club, breast milk j/k, brodequin, broken hope, brutal metal, cannibal corpse, carcass, carnivorous, cephalic carnage, chris barnes, chrome, cinerary, condemned, converge, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, cryptopsy [with lord worm], dark throne, dave chappelle, death grind, death metal, decapitated, decrepit birth, deftones, deicide, disconformity, disgorge, divaricate, doggys, dvds, edward scissor hands, embryonic devourment, emeth, entombed, exhumed, fallout, fallout 2, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, first blood, fleshgrind, gibsons, gigs, goratory, gore, gore metal, gorerotted, gorgasm, growling, guitars, halloween, hate eternal, hatebreed, heaven shall burn, immolation, imperial beach, incantation, insidious decrepancy, lamb of god, lasagna, leng tch'e, life or death, liturgy, lord of the rings, mallrats, marduk, marilyn manson, meeting new people, mesa boogie, metal, misfits, monstrosity, morbid angel, mortician, movies, music, napalm death, natural born killers, necrocannibal, necrophagist, nile, odious mortem, old old metallica, one king down, origin, parasitic, peavey 5150, phobia, pig destroyer, playstation 2, race traitor, racetraitor, red chord, resident evil, resident evil 2, sadistic intent, severe torture, severed savior, shredding, silent hill, singing along, slaughter, slayer, spaghetti, speed metal, spongebob squarepants, street fighter 2, suffocation, sxe, terrorizer, the berzerker, the crow, the cure, the hope conspiracy, the red chord, the simpsons, tim burton, vile, vital, vital remains, vomitory, warface